Aliases of pink fused alumina


Pink fused alumina is a pink color artificial abrasive,made from Chromium oxide and high quality aluminum oxide.

Pink fused alumina is the normal name of it,then what are its abbreviated names? now list as follows:

1.PFA(Pink Fused Alumina)

2,PA(Pink Alumina)

3.RFA(Ruby Fused Alumina)

4.RA(Ruby Alumina)

And what does it have aliases name?today also list it as follows: fused aluminum oxide aluminum oxide

3.Pink corundum

4.Pink electrocorundum fused alu.oxide

6.Pink fused aloxide

7.32A elecctrocorundum

8.33A electrocorundum

9.34A Electrocorundum

10.Chromic fused alumina

11.Chromic fused aluminum oxide

12.Chromic aluminum oxide fused alumina fused aluminum oxide aluminum oxide

16.Pink molten alumina

17.Pink molten aluminum oxide

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